Home AdAdvertising Opportunities

Businesses and Organizations in Pendleton now have the opportunity to advertise on the FallsPark.org website. 


Home Page Rotating Banner - $ per month

Home Ad - $ per month

Bottom 1, 2, or 3 - $ per month

Event Promotion

Falls Park will also promote events being held at the park on the FallsPark.org website and on our Facebook page.  In addition to the ad positions, non-profits may submit articles plus event logo to publish on the home page to be published one week prior to the event for $X.  Copy must be proofed and ready for published before submission.  Logos may be submitted as a JPG only and sized to 200px. Any changes Falls Park makes to copy or logo may result in additional design fees.

Submission of Advertising

Falls Park will only accept JPG images less than 1 meg. Image sizes are based on the ad slot chosen and ads submitted must fit that size exactly.  Any changes Falls Park makes to ads may result in additional design fees.


Falls Park will not accept political or pornographic advertising, or ads that promote discrimination toward any group. Falls Park reserves the right to turn down any ad that is not appropriate for our audience.


Please contact Christi Salisbury, Solutions4ebiz, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions or for advertising design prices.

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