Falls Park

Community Parade through Falls Park in Pendleton, Indiana

Falls Park is a public park in East Central Indiana that encompasses a section of the Fall Creek waterway that includes a lovely waterfall. Simple, yes. But it's so much more!

It's playgrounds, sports fields, golf, and swimming. It's shelter houses, trails, a fishing pond (complete with historic lighthouse and a full complement of water fowl). It's great stretches of grass for running and picnicking, and, of course, the Creek for splashing and fishing and wading.

It's natural beauty combined with community spirit with early Indiana history lurking throughout.

Falls Park is a place to make memories! Cries of laughter as children feed ducks. Peaceful moments watching the rain pelt the surface of the pond. Kids running from a dust devil as it skips across a ball diamond. Posing for prom or wedding pictures. For Pendleton residents and visitors, so events and so many memories have Falls Park at the heart of them.

Whether you're planning your first visit, returning after years away, or just heading over from your house just across the way, welcome to Falls Park, a Great Place to Play! 

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