Park Amenities

Falls Park, a public park containing a waterfall in east central Indiana. Pretty simple, yes. But when you experience this wondrous space in Pendleton, it is more than playgrounds, more than sports fields, golf, and swimming. Of course there are shelters, walking trails, ponds and creeks. Natural beauty abounds with the enchantment of early Indiana history lurking throughout.

Falls Park is really about memories and the feelings you experience while visiting. That cry of laughter as you fed ducks the first time. Then with your children and grandchildren. Watching the rain pelt the surface of the pond on a dreary gray day, or running from a dust devil as it skips across a ball diamond. Holding hands in a prom picture, while anticipating a fun filled night ahead. Your wedding or one you’ve attended. So many events.

These make it what it is. A place of joy, laughter, love and sadness… memories. Come visit if you haven't, please return if you have. We welcome you to our "Great place to play".