Log Cabin Project

Log Cabin Project

A grassroots citizens group has rallied together around a mission; to save the flood-threatened log cabin on Mill Road in Pendleton. Donated by Steve and Annie Wills, the log cabin will be moved to a new home on the "North 40" in Falls Park and restored.

Once restored the log cabin will be used by schools for educational purposes, it may also be rented out for weddings, family gatherings, and events, and used for additional community needs.

The budget for the move and restoration is $35,000 with labor being donated to the project. The committee has secured $17,000 toward the goal. Once restored, the cabin will be under the management of and maintaned by Falls Park.

The Log Cabin Committee has applied for and received three grants to help with the cabin restoration. Two of these grants, in the amounts of $2,500 and $5,000, came from the South Madison Community Foundation and their support has been integral to our mission. The plan is to begin the actual restoration process in the spring of 2019. The logs are currently stored in the barn at the park, safe from the elements.

Log Cabin Logs stored at Falls ParkFalls Park and the Log Cabin Project committee are still seeking funds to restore the cabin. To donate, please visit South Madison Community Foundation. Please add Log Cabin Project in the Message field. We appreciate all of the support!

For more information about the Log Cabin Project, please contact us, call us at 765-778-2222 or like us on Facebook.

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  • Sandi Butler, Chairperson
  • Ron Barnhart
  • Leigh Berline
  • Jay Brown
  • Letty Gray
  • Jeanette Isbell
  • Bob Jones
  • Bob Post
  • Annie Wills
  • Steve Wills

Falls Park Log Cabin Project Committee

The Log Cabin Committee members accept a grant from the South Madison Community Foundation.


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